Company policy



Mecc.2000 S.r.l., in full compliance with laws and regulations, is committed to conducting its industrial activities responsibly, ensuring the quality of the products sold, full respect for the surrounding environment, and the safety of all workers operating within the facility, including visitors. Mecc.2000 ensures that any potential negative effects on the environment or safety are eliminated or reduced to the lowest technically and economically feasible levels. Management demonstrates its commitment to identifying and managing risks by identifying the parties involved, as well as the company’s requests and needs. To this end, Mecc.2000 has developed its integrated management system for quality, environment, and safety and sets objectives for continuous improvement consistent with its activities and business.


Mecc.2000 S.r.l., fully aware that a responsible economic strategy addressing environmental, quality, and safety issues resulting from its activities is crucial for its success and the satisfaction of its customers within the identified context.

By operating with the Integrated Quality – Environment – Safety System, in accordance with the relevant standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 – UNI EN ISO 45001:2018, Mecc.2000 aims to converge and focus its energies, expertise, and technological innovation to better position itself as a qualified company, recognizing that its know-how and its employees/collaborators constitute its true corporate assets.

Management defines the Integrated Policy and commits within the scope of its Management System to the following themes:

  • Express adequacy and consistency with the nature of Mecc.2000 S.r.l. as a whole concerning quality, environmental, and occupational safety aspects.
  • Involve and continually train its operators to deliver high quality with adequate resources in compliance with mandatory regulations.
  • Make the Integrated Quality Policy public to all stakeholders through the website.
  • Respect mandatory and reference requirements.
  • Ensure a commitment to continuous improvement, pollution prevention, and health and safety at work.
  • Periodically verify the status of work related to set objectives until their final achievement and propose them for subsequent periods.

Mecc.2000 S.r.l. Management believes that responsibility for managing the integrated system involves the entire organizational structure, each according to their competencies.

All workers, without exception, should strive to achieve this goal.

Regarding Quality, the company’s commitment is to optimize both direct and indirect activities to ensure reliability and quality to clients while meeting specific requirements, mandatory standards, and customer needs and expectations, particularly aiming to:

  • Build customer loyalty (continuously increasing competitiveness and profitability; staying attentive to market trends and quickly proposing innovative solutions; focusing on innovation and partnerships and monitoring customer satisfaction).
  • Reduce non-conformities, complaints, delays, etc.

For the Environment, the company’s commitment is to protect it, taking into account EU environmental policy guidelines, by seeking available and economically compatible technologies and methodologies, following the most effective management practices. Aiming for continuous improvement in efficiency and environmental balance by:

  • Achieving energy savings where possible.
  • Reducing waste produced and, where possible, internal and supplier packaging.
  • Minimizing related effects both within the company and in the surrounding environment.
  • Complying with mandatory and reference regulations.

Regarding Health and Safety in the workplace, the commitment is to maintain a high level of attention to compliance with current regulations by ensuring:

  • Every operator is motivated to comply with prevention and protection procedures through the dissemination of a safety culture and awareness of such culture.
  • There is a guarantee of adequate resources to fund training, information, and training.
  • Constant monitoring of workplace health and safety levels, ensuring the physical and mental well-being of workers is of high quality.
  • Control is in place to ensure that no discriminatory actions, psychological abuse, harassment, threats, or marginalization occur within the entire organization that would undermine the conditions and motivations for collaborating in the company.
  • Suitable procedures are adopted and maintained to manage any emergencies to limit the resulting damage as much as possible.
  • Performance is monitored and reviewed, taking necessary improvement actions when needed.


The Management of Mecc.2000 S.r.l. commits to providing all the necessary financial, human, technical, and infrastructural resources to achieve the set objectives. These resources, if lacking or improvable, are identified and quantified annually during the Management Review. Additionally, the Management utilizes the MANAGEMENT REVIEW MINUTES and the IMPROVEMENT PLAN for monitoring all activities.