Sheet punching

We can process all materials and sheet thicknesses

Mecc 2000 has the experience and the internal structure to meet any and all sheet-metal punching requirements. The combination of chosen highly specialised technicians and the latest machinery ensures we are able to perform customised work in which quality and speed of delivery go hand in hand.

We work for these industrial sectors

Specializzazioni Ponzonatura Lamiere Mecc2000
Punzonatura Lamiere

Technical details

  • X axis 6000
  • Y axis 1500
  • Maximum plate thickness (structural steel): 25 mm
  • Maximum plate thickness (stainless steel): 30 mm
  • Maximum plate thickness (aluminium): 25 mm
  • Custom thickness requests for all requirements

Why choose us

Over 40 years of experience in sheet-metal working

We know the material better than anyone, and have been masters of it for two generations.

Structured organisation

We accompany customers from the design right through to product delivery.

Advanced technology

Our two trumpf punching machines allow us to satisfy any and all requests and to process multiple materials simultaneously.

Qualified personnel

Our technicians take regular refresher courses to stay up to date with technological developments.

Tailor-made projects

Our technicians, thanks to their many years of experience, our innovative industry 4.0 equipment and instrumentation, and our advanced organisation, create customised products to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Production efficiency

We study and monitor our workloads to ensure maximum efficiency and optimise production, including through the use of cutting-edge software.

Dynamic manufacturing

Flexibility is one of our strong points even for jobs requiring demanding punching specifications, allowing us to create dynamic manufactured parts which meet the needs of the most complex orders.

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