Hollow section laser cutting

Limit-free processing of steel and stainless-steel hollow-section profiles, drilling, slotting, notching and mitre cuts

From more traditional processing operations on hollow-section profiles (drilling, slotting, notching and mitre/bevel cuts) to those using 3d technology which allow for full-penetration welding in structural metalwork assemblies, mecc 2000 meets the needs of companies looking for tailor-made innovation and experience.

As well as the most standard cuts, mecc 2000 can also perform work on open profiles.

We work for these industrial sectors

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Technical details

  • Circular section, with diameter on basis of the available feeder:
    • 12 - 220 mm, for automatic bundle feeder
    • 12 - 240 mm, for ratchet-type automatic feeder
  • Square section with side length 12 - 200 mm
  • Rectangular and flat oval section inscribed in a circle of maximum diameter 280 mm with minimum side length of 20 mm and maximum 200 mm, and maximum difference between the sides of 152.4 mm
    • Minimum length 2500 mm and maximum length 6500 mm (6520/6540)
    • Maximum linear weight 40 kg/m
  • Flat bar: from 40 x 5 to 200 x 12 mm
  • Pfc: from 30 x 20 to 200 x 150 mm, inscribed in a circle of maximum diameter 280 mm
  • Angles: from 30 x 20 to 150 x 150 mm or 200 x 120 mm, respectively
  • Hea100, hea120, hea140, hea160;
  • Heb100, heb120, heb140;
  • Ipe80, ipe100, ipe120, ipe140, ipe160, ipe180, ipe200.


  • Mild steel 12 mm
  • Mild steel 6 mm
  • Stainless steel 8 mm
  • Brass 6 mm
  • Copper 4 mm
  • Aluminium 8 mm
  • Custom thickness requests for all requirements

Why choose us

Over 40 years of experience in sheet-metal working

We know the material better than anyone, and have been masters of it for two generations.

Structured organisation

We accompany customers from the design right through to product delivery.

Production efficiency

We study and monitor our workloads to ensure maximum efficiency and optimise production, including through the use of cutting-edge software.

Qualified personnel

Our technicians are professionals with decades of experience, who take regular refresher courses to stay up to date with technological developments.

Laser tube lt8.20 technology

This completely automated and programmable system allows management of the bar throughout the different working phases (bundle, single bar, measurement, cutting and ordered unloading downline).

Tailor-made projects

Our technicians, thanks to their many years of experience, our innovative industry 4.0 equipment and instrumentation, and our advanced organisation, create customised products to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Guaranteed quality

The highly digitalised technologies applied along with our forty years of experience in the structural hollow-section metal cutting sector allow us to achieve optimised levels of production for customers in terms of both quality and quantity, and efficient scheduling to meet the technical requirements of all jobs and orders.

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