Laser sheet-metal cutting

We can process all materials and sheet thicknesses

At mecc 2000, sheet-metal working runs in our blood, just like cutting-edge technology. As well as cutting in nitrogen and oxygen, the use of fibre laser technology also allows us to process non-ferrous materials such as aluminium.

Mecc 2000 is able to cut all types of materials and sheet thicknesses.

We work for these industrial sectors

Taglio laser lamiere Mecc2000 Tecnologie avanguardia
Taglio laser lamiere Mecc2000

Technical details

  • X axis 4000
  • Y axis 2000
  • Maximum plate thickness (structural steel): 25 mm
  • Maximum plate thickness (stainless steel): 30 mm
  • Maximum plate thickness (aluminium): 25 mm
  • Custom thickness requests for all requirements

Why choose us

Over 40 years of experience in sheet-metal working

We know the material better than anyone, and have been masters of it for two generations.

Structured organisation

We accompany customers from the design right through to product delivery.

Cutting-edge machinery fleet and automatic store tower

Our two trumpf laser cutters allow us to process multiple materials and thicknesses simultaneously, while the stopa automatic store tower allows us to manage the loading and unloading of the machines for optimised raw material management.

Tailor-made projects

Our technicians, thanks to their many years of experience, our innovative industry 4.0 equipment and instrumentation, and our advanced organisation, create customised products to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Guaranteed quality

The highly digitalised technologies applied along with our forty years of experience in the structural hollow-section metal cutting sector allow us to achieve optimised levels of production for customers in terms of both quality and quantity, and efficient scheduling to meet the technical requirements of all jobs and orders.

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