We have dedicated an entire new mecc 2000 site to assembly and installation

MECC 2000's concrete commitment to providing its customers with the best of the market was highlighted once again in 2018, with the opening of a dedicated site for assembly and installation.

We have, indeed, increased our production space to house machinery for different sectors in a high-quality environment: from machines and kilns for the ceramics industry, systems for paper mills and the food & beverage industry.

We work for these industrial sectors

Assemblaggio Montaggio

Why choose us

Constant commitment

We love change when it goes hand in hand with improvement, and we therefore work constantly and commit ourselves to meeting the needs of our customers through real investments.

Structured organisation

We accompany customers from the design right through to product delivery.

Qualified personnel and dedicated areas

We offer value to all the sectors we work for, providing them with spaces and technicians to meet their needs.

Production efficiency

We study and monitor our workloads to ensure maximum efficiency and optimise production, including through the use of cutting-edge software.

Tailor-made projects

Our technicians, thanks to their many years of experience, our innovative industry 4.0 equipment and instrumentation, and our advanced organisation, create customised products to meet all of our customers’ needs.

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